We add beauty
to life

Dongguan AIFEIER Cosmetics Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 2018. Mainly produced makeup sponges and powder puffs products. Occupied area 10,000 square meters. Imported raw material, south korea’s automatic foaming technology and advanced production technology. Own a full set of complete production and quality testing equipment: washing machine, cutting machine, microwave dryer, quick-drying machine, foaming machine, sealing machine, automatic ball mill. Have served one stop service for international famous brand like real techniques, ecotools, japonesque and watsons.

We bring beauty to life.

We are on a mission to offer professional quality beauty, bath and self-care products to consumers around the globe.

Our internationally recognized brands are a staple of makeup professionals and loved by beauty enthusiasts around the world.

Featured Products

More beauty. Less waste. The raw material uses corn starch imported from thailand that the biodegradable makeup sponge works as hard for you as it does for the planet. You can creat flawless, glowing skin without the added waste. Keep your sponge fresh by cleaning it once a week. After 30 days of use, replace and compost your old sponge to benefit your skin and the environment. Bioblender will degrade in 180 days after home composting.

The beautiful color fusion is inspired by nature, and the color difference creats a visual effect. Three-color mixed makeup sponge brings visual beauty. Irregular fusion makes everything look sacred and beautiful. Three-color mixed makeup sponge technology is higly required, and aifeier is the ony factory that can produce it.